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COSMOS4U AdMACD Expert Advisor

admacdea200x200COSMOS4U transforms MACD to a powerful trading system using optimal parameters. The system is applied by AdMACD Expert Advisor for Metatrader trading platforms. The professional user can customize the system by variable parameters so as to achieve best performance. It is enhanced with Take Profit and Stop Loss features.




  • Trade like a custom MACD
  • Full risk control
  • Margin management
  • Take Profit based on a faster signal
  • Stop Loss based on the variation of the symbol
  • Multi asset support
  • All timeframes support
  • Closing on weekends
  • Optimal parameters by COSMOS4U


Opening & swapping position

Regardless of the existence or not of an open position, the AdMACD will trade resting on the MACD & Signal value comparison. In the event that MACD crosses the signal, a position will be opened only if the value has exceeded the average true range. In this way, swift trades are avoided.

Take Profit Signal Line to earn profits

Using the Take Profit Signal Line, COSMOS4U AdMACD capitalizes profits. Its parameters are (f,s,g/divisor) and it should be faster than the Signal Line (divisor >1). Every time a cross between the AdMACD line and the Take Profit Signal line occurs, the system takes the profit, without opening new trading position until the next AdMACD clear signal.

Stop Loss feature

Each time a position opens for a symbol, it checks its previous x (default = 24) values for its variability. Based on this volatility, new zone boundaries are formed for Long-Stop Loss and Short-Stop Loss. When AdMACD, crosses the Stop Loss opposed line, it closes the open position. It will open a new position only when the value of the symbol exceeds the limits of the volatility zone.

Closing positions on weekends
Avert great confusion and gaps between the closing price of Friday and Monday's opening, when Governments, central banks and companies’ administrations announce important decisions over the Weekend. COSMOS4U AdMACD supports the regulation of automated closing of open positions at specific times prior to market close time. Likewise, every Monday, positions are opened a few hours after markets opening.

Money management
With the integrated automatic AdMACD trading system you can control the percentage of your entire investment capital through the particular investment percentage per symbol. Consequently, the investment percentage per symbol can be diversified. The investment percentage feature along  with the diversification of your portfolio shields your investment against market risk.

The AdMACD professional trading system, provides portfolio security management. Choosing among exchange rates, equities, CFDs, metals and energy, your portfolio is diversified and risk dispersion is achieved. In this way, you can beat the market by opening positions on an assortment of symbols.

Multi Asset Management
Download the AdMACD configuration utility and update Metatrader with the latest optimal parameters for every supported symbol. The AdMACD system updater will keep you always up-to-date, saving you time. It updates all supported symbols directly on your profile.

Free optimal parameters
Recommended optimal settings of AdMACD produced by COSMOS4U research department. Every weekend the research team publishes the recommended parameters of AdMACD for hourly (H1) time frame of various selected symbols. Using these parameters and downloading the free app, you can automatically update the AdMACD parameters in Metatrader 4 and 5 and always keep abreast of the latest settings.




COSMOS4U AdMACD Expert Advisor Settings


MT4 TesterSettingsXAUUSDMarch2016AdMACD

COSMOS4U AdMACD Strategy Tester Setting for Metatrader 4


MT5 TesterSettingsXAUUSDMarch2016AdMACD

COSMOS4U AdMACD Strategy Tester Setting for Metatrader 5



Strategy Tester Graph Report



Fast Moving Average
It sets the number of timeframes to calculate the fast moving average.

Slow Moving Average
It sets the number of timeframes to calculate the slow  moving average.

Signal Moving Average
It sets the number of timeframes to calculate the signal  moving average

Take Profit Signal Divisor
It sets the divisor of the signal according to which the Take Profit occurs

Close Position by N Price Stop Loss
It enables or not the Stop Loss feature

Number of Prices for N(ATR) Calculation
It sets the number of prices where the average variance is calculated

N Price Multiplier
It sets the multiplier of N

N Price SL by Previous Bar Closed Price
It enables or not the Stop Loss delay by checking the previous closing price. If it is enabled, the Stop Loss is applied any time the MACD crosses the price

Open Position only by hierarchy of AdMACD lines
It enables or not the opening of a position, only in the case of hierarchical order of the AdMACD lines

Close Position by AdMACD Take Profit Signals
It enables or not the Take Profit feature

Time Interval
It sets the timeframe.

Daily 1% volatility Capital Risk (%)
It sets the capital percentage at risk

Free Margin Threshold % (>100)
It sets the minimum margin percentage above 100%

Enable weekend close position
It enables the auto close position procedure.

Hour post market opening on Monday
It sets the number of hours post market opening for the first trade in a new week

Hour prior market closing on Friday
It sets the number of hours prior  market closing for the closing position procedure

Filling Policy by AdMACD system
It enables or not the filling policy of the broker

Filling Policy Selection
It set the filling policy depending on the broker



Learn more about COSMOS4U AdMACD Trading System at www.cosmos4u.com

Stay in touch for future signals so as to keep abreast with trader sentiment shifting at www.cosmos4u.net

COSMOS4U AdMACD Trading System Pro and COSMOS4U AdMACD Configuration utility synchronization. From now on you can update your trading system using the AdMACD Configuration utility. Watch the following video


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