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Various Symbols (Forex, Energy, Metals, CFDs & Shares)

Distribute your efficiency odds and risk among various symbols. Metatrader platform and AdMACD features skyrocket the number of symbols that can be enabled. All kinds of exchange rates, energy symbols, metals, indices and stocks are supported.




The AdMACD professional trading system, provides portfolio security management. Choosing among exchange rates, equities, CFDs, metals and energy, your portfolio is diversified and risk dispersion is achieved. In this way, you can beat the market by opening positions on an assortment of symbols.



Investment rates

With the integrated automatic AdMACD trading system you can control the percentage of your entire investment capital through the particular investment percentage per symbol. Consequently, the investment percentage per symbol can be diversified. The investment percentage feature along  with the diversification of your portfolio shields your investment against market risk.


investment rates

Automatic updates for all COSMOS4U indicators and advisors

Download the COSMOS4U AdMACD Configuration Utility and update Metatrader with the latest optimal parameters for every supported symbol. The COSMOS4U AdMACD Configuration Utility will keep you always up-to-date, saving you time. It updates all supported symbols directly on your profile.


cosmos4u admacd configuration utility


In order to download the COSMOS4U AdMACD Configuration Utility click here