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AdMACD Academic Research

The AdMACD automated trading system by COSMOS4U is based on academic research. Learn more...


The d BackTest PS method



AdMACD Trading System

AdMACD trading system, is implemented by an Expert Advisor for MT4 and MT5 versions of Metatrader trading platform. The fully professional system includes the COSMOS4U AdMACD Expert Advisor for trades execution, the COSMOS4U AdMACD Indicator for the visual diagrams of signals and lastly the COSMOS4U Volume Indicator which illustrates transaction volumes and the difference between the number of buyers and the number of sellers, in order to confirm or not the trend. trading system

Powerful Adaptive MACD

AdMACD trading system is a powerful technical system which is based on an adaptive version of the popular MACD indicator. The classic MACD generates buy and sell signals according to fast=12, slow=26 & signal=9 configuration. The AdMACD buys and sells the same way classic MACD does, plus an extra feature allowing the trader to modify the parameters fast, slow & signal. COSMOS4U AdMACD Parameters.

Set your custom parameters

Through the Strategy Tester of the Metatrader platform, the user can optimize the parameters of AdMACD, in all timeframes (Μ1, Μ5, Μ15, Μ30, Η1, D1, W1, and MN) and set new parameters’ values for the next period. One common use of AdMACD is the parameters optimization in Μ15’s timeframe for two weeks and the use of resulting optimal values for the next 30 trading hours.COSMOS4U AdMACD Full Optimization Process

AdMACD Indicator

For the control of trade points and expert advisor, COSMOS4U provides the AdMACD Indicator in the market, which displays trades in charts. This indicator is available separately and is optional. If the trader uses the platform for many symbols (e.g. FOREX) COSMOS4U provides the COSMOS4U updater which automatically configures the parameters of each of the symbol’s indicator for free. COSMOS4U AdMACD Indicator

Volume Indicator

Furthermore, by adding Volume Indicator, the trader can monitor the validity of the trend and the market depth. In any buy or sell transaction by the AdMACD trading system, there is or not a trend confirmation, accordingly to the increment and the average of trading volume. The indicator in accordance with the AdMACD parameters, computes the difference between buyers and sellers. COSMOS4U Volume Indicator

COSMOS4U optimal parameters

COSMOS4U research department, every week, publishes recommended parameters for the popular exchange rates in Forex market, for the hourly H1 timeframe. These parameters can be found at www.COSMOS4U.net. The computation method of these parameters is part of academic research and by no means guarantees constantly profitable results.

COSMOS4U Parameters table