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Direct Trades on AdMACD Crossovers

Regardless of the existence or not of an open position, the AdMACD will trade resting on the MACD & Signal value comparison. In the event that MACD crosses the signal, a position will be opened only if the value has exceeded the average true range. In this way, swift trades are avoided.


Take Profit Signal Line to earn profits

Using the Take Profit Signal Line, COSMOS4U AdMACD capitalizes profits. Its parameters are (f,s,g/divisor) and it should be faster than the Signal Line (divisor >1). Every time a cross between the AdMACD line and the Take Profit Signal line occurs, the system takes the profit, without opening new trading position until the next AdMACD clear signal.



Stop Loss feature

Each time a position opens for a symbol, it checks its previous x (default = 24) values for its variability. Based on this volatility, new zone boundaries are formed for Long-Stop Loss and Short-Stop Loss. When AdMACD, crosses the Stop Loss opposed line, it closes the open position. It will open a new position only when the value of the symbol exceeds the limits of the volatility zone.


Stop Loss

All timeframes’ trade support

AdMACD trades constantly in all timeframes.  It fully supports and therefore  is  absolutely compatible with all the features  (M1,Μ5,M15,M30,H1,H4,D1,W1,MΝ) of the  Metatrader. Even if you change the timeframe view in a symbol window, the AdMACD does not follow and it keeps running the trades on the constant, configured timeframe.


trade in all timeframes

Order type options

AdMACD supports all the various orders fill policies. It depends on the policies supported by the broker. AdMACD first, select "Return*", next "Immediate or Cancel**" and lastly, "Fill or Kill***" policy, sequentially.

*(This policy is used only for market orders (Buy and Sell), limit and stop limit orders and only for the symbols incorporating Market or Exchange execution options. In case of partial filling of a market or limit order, the remaining volume is not cancelled but processed further.),
**(In this case a trader agrees to execute a deal with the volume maximally available in the market which is not in excess of the ordered volume. In case the order cannot be filled completely, the available volume of the order will be filled, and the remaining volume will be cancelled. The possibility of using IOC orders is determined by the trade server.),
***(This policy determines that a deal can be executed only if a  specified volume is accessible. If the necessary amount of a financial instrument is currently unavailable in the market, the order will not be executed. The required volume can be filled using several offers available on the market at the moment.).

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Closing positions on weekends

Avert great confusion and gaps between the closing price of Friday and Monday's opening, when Governments, central banks and companies’ administrations announce important decisions over the Weekend. COSMOS4U AdMACD supports the regulation of automated closing of open positions at specific times prior to market close time. Likewise, every Monday, positions are opened a few hours after markets opening.


closed positions

Free optimal parameters by COSMOS4U Research Department

Recommended optimal settings of AdMACD produced by COSMOS4U research department. Every weekend the research team publishes the recommended parameters of AdMACD for hourly (H1) time frame of various selected symbols. Using these parameters and downloading the free app, you can automatically update the AdMACD parameters in Metatrader 4 and 5 and always keep abreast of the latest settings.

COSMOS4U Parameters table